The Society of Civil War Surgeons




The Society was formed in 1980 by six medical re-enactors, who felt that there was a need to open communications among those who did this specialty in our hobby. Today, The Society boasts over 400 members throughout the United States, as well as members in several foreign countries, and is continually growing. It is THE largest organization of its kind devoted to the medical aspects of the American Civil War.

 The Society was incorporated in the State of Ohio in 1990 as a non-profit corporation and is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt group. Organized solely to educate the general public as to the study of medicine as it existed during the American Civil War, The Society covers all aspects of medicine, especially surgery, and the treatment of disease which is accomplished through research by Society members, publications, and living history exhibitions and lectures during Civil War re-enactment's. The specific goal of The Society is to promote, both for members as well as the general public, as deep and abiding appreciation for the rich heritage of the most turbulent period in Americas history.

 The Society is also there to help its members further develop and/or enhance their portrayal of a Civil War era medical professional through meetings, the quarterly publication, The Journal of Civil War Medicine, and the networking between members. Our journal currently, averaging 32 pages, lists events members are going to, articles that members have written specifically for the journel, reprints of articles written by actual Civil War participants, and articles from other publications, letters by members expressing their opinion on some topic or other, and items for sale, to buy or trade. Several of our members are dealers in Civil War period books, instruments, etc.

 As a group, The Society tries to pick one event a year as a maximum effort event where as many members as possible try to attend. Because of the diversity of location of each member, these annual meetings can vary in size from as few as 6 members to as many as 45 or 50 members. Therefore, most of The Society's business is done either by telephone, e-mail, or by regular mail.

 However, The Society is open to anyone, not just re-enactors, interested in any aspect of Civil War era medicine. We have collectors, lecturers, historians, researchers, museum personnel, as well as re-enactors as active members. Some of our honorary Life members are prominent authors, historians, and direct descendants of Civil War personalities.

 Should you desire to join The Society, click on the Join/Renew Membership link in the menu then follow the instructions on that page.