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100th Anniversary of the Army
Medical Library - Book

150 Years Ago - Scarlet Fever Epidemic

150 years of
Artificial Limb Design

1816 & 1848 Physicians
Fee Schedules

1855 Letter by a Woman Who Went
Through a Mastectomy

1863 Letterman system

2nd Alabama Hospital

19th Century Academic Examinations
for Physicians in the
USA Medical Department

19th Century Material
Medical and is
Multi-Cultural Medicinal Connections

The First Caesarean Section
Under General Anesthesia

1st Lieutenant
William W. Getty
Back from the
Mortal Head Wound

5 Pioneering Women Doctors

and Nurses of the Civil War

A Bayonet Through the Head

A Biography of Connecticut Surgery

A Biography of Dr S.P. Moore

A Bloody Battle is a
Dreadful Experience
Edward Craghill and the
Aftermath of First Manassas

A Brief History of Amercan
Anatomy Riots

A Brief History of Chiropody
and Podiatry

A Brief History of Prosthetics

A Brief History of
Thomas Jefferson University

A Burden too Heavy to Bear

A Case of Temporary Insanity

A Case of Partial Paralysis

A Chainsaw to the Spine

A City of Hospitals

A Civil War Soldier's PTSD

A Creature of it's Time - The Pension Bureau

A Day that Changed American History

A Doctor's Duty

A Doctor's Report on Gettysburg

A Doctor's View of the
Lincoln Assassination

A Federal Surgeon's
Kindness Remembered

A Female Civil War Surgeon
How Dr. Mary is Remarkable

A Few Simple Tips for Public
Historians Working with
Confrontational Visitors

A Field Hospital at the
Battle of Perryville

A Forgotten Thing

A Great Speciallist

A Handwritten Newspaper

A Harvest of Death - Alexander Gardner's
Morality Message

A High Pain Threshold

A History of Anesthesiology

A History of Mental Health,
Through the College Collection

A History of the Autopsy

A Home for Disabled
Volunteer Soldiers

A Hospital's Back Story Revealed

A Journal of Hospital Life in
The Confederate Army of Tennessee

A Medical Perspective on
The Civil War

A Report on Hospital Gangrene, Erysiplas &
Pyaemia as Observed in the
Department of Ohio and Cumberland

A Surgical Problem of the Last Century
Garibaldi's Bullet & Melaton's Probe

A Wonderful Case

Crawford W Long - A Georgia Innovator

Ill and Injured Children on
Antebellum Slave Plantations
Dangerous Childhood

Medical Case of Civil War Veteran
Edson D. Bemis

Medical Racism's Poison pen
The Toxic World of Dr Henry Ramsay

Robert E. Lee Declines Medical
Supplies from George B McClellan

Scarlet Fever

Tale of Two Cities
Hidden Battle Against Veneral in Civil War

The North vs. The South: Conditions at
Civil War Hospitals

This place of death: Environment as
Weapon in the American Civil War

When the Sisters of Mercy were
Nurses During The Civil War
1971 Wright Lecture